Message from the President

President Nobuyuki Soga

FUJI CORPORATION was founded upon the concept of "Sincerity", which remains the company motto to this day, and we at Fuji constantly try to live up to this ideal by creating quality products that serve the needs of society as well as possible.
In order to stay true to this lofty goal, it is essential that we forge meaningful ties to those concerned with our business. This means ties with our customers and business partners, ties with other businesses in our region and beyond, and ties with our shareholders.

We take pride in the many ties we have nurtured so far by creating high quality products which satisfy the needs of customers around the world, and which in turn help them to manufacture various products for their customers. With the rapid growth of emerging economies and huge changes in attitudes towards energy, we live in ever-changing times. In order to continue to grow in such an environment, we believe it is essential for us to develop cutting edge products that lead the industry and to bring these products to the market in the quickest time possible.

As a response to our customers' calls for more versatility and greater functionality, we must play to our strengths, which have seen us always at the forefront of technology. This enables us to aim beyond the current boundaries of the industry and to seek business in new and exciting areas. We take great satisfaction in serving the demands of consumers around the world through our business activities, and we aim to continue to develop in harmony with the needs of society as a whole.

President Nobuyuki Soga

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