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Have you ever experienced the following?

  • The wrong parts are picked due to parts looking too similar.
  • Parts are checked in and managed using the wrong part ID because the wrong label was attached.

The wrong parts are used in high-volume production without noticing the mistake.

This results in...

Errors being discovered during conductivity tests.

  • Large volumes of rework and wasted products.
  • Damage to parts and panels.
LCR checks
can prevent such problems

About LCR checks

This is used to check whether the correct parts are set by measuring the LCR value of the first part in specified reels that have been newly set or replaced, or reels for which parts have been replenished by replacing the feeders or splicing tape.

Supported part types and measurement values

Supported part types measurement values
Inductor (L) Inductance coefficient value (H)
Capacitor (C) Capacitance (F)
Resistor (R) Resistance (Ω)

The constant (LCR value) is checked before using the parts, thus preventing incorrect parts from being used.

Features of LCR checks

No part setting errors or measurement errors after measurement

Checks are automatically performed in the machine without operator work, which eliminates part setting errors and measurement errors after measurement.

It is possible to specify when to perform measurement Note 1

It is also possible to regularly perform measurement, in addition to the first part in reels that have been newly set or replaced, and reels for which parts have been replenished.

Measurement results can be acquired as traceability data Note 2

This helps daily quality control.

Note 1: Nexim only
Note 2: Option

Basic specifications

Two types are available according to the constants (LCR values) of electronic components.

Measurement range Inductor 1 μH to 100 μH (±20%)
Capacitor 1 nF to 1 μF (±10%)
Resistor 1 Ω to 10 MΩ (±5%)
Inductor 200 nH to 1000μH (±20%)
Capacitor 1 pF to 500 μF (±10%)
Resistor 0Ω Note 3 100 mΩ to 100 MΩ (±5%)
Supported part sizes 0603 (0201") to 6 x 6 mm (thickness 0.2 to 3 mm) 0603 (0201") to 6 x 6 mm (thickness 0.2 to 3 mm)
Supported machine types NXT ll, NXT llc, NXT lll, NXT lllc, AIMEX ll, AIMEX llS, AIMEX lll, AIMEX lllc NXT lll, NXT lllc, AIMEX lll, AIMEX lllc
Supported heads H08(Q), H08M(Q), H12HS(Q), V12, H24 series Note 4, DX(R12) H08(Q), H08M(Q), H12HS(Q), V12, H24 series Note 4, DX(R12)
Required software Fuji Flexa, Nexim FUJI Flexa、Nexim

Note 3: Zero ohm resistors are defined to have resistance of 10 to 50 mΩ
Note 4: Whether it is possible to use H24, H24G, H24S, or H24A heads is subject to the machine specifications.

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