Fuji Brand

Sincerity We will endeavor to work hard in research and development to provide excellent techniques to respond to customer confidence.

Since its establishment in 1959, FUJI CORPORATION has used its guiding precept and the company motto to help break through many barriers and continue our journey.

Corporate Vision

To fulfill the future dreams of the people of the world
To constantly strive for new value and have the best products in the world
To live up to its name and become a billion dollar company.

Corporate Message

innovative spirit

The words "innovative spirit", signifying the perpetuated spirit since the company was established, capture the feelings of FUJI CORPORATION

It all began with "innovative spirit". Our goal has always been to constantly challenge ourselves to innovate and create over the last 50 years. But it has also been just as important for us to deliver wonderful products that benefit society and allow people throughout the world to achieve their goals.

During the next half century, we hope to use this "innovative spirit" as the driving force to evolve into a new Fuji. This journey has now begun.

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