1959 Apr. Founded company.
1960 Sep. Established Tokyo sales office (now Tokyo branch office).
1961 Mar. Opened new plant in Chiryu, Aichi
Jun. Moved headquarters to current location.
1962 Mar. Established Osaka sales office (now Osaka branch office).
1963 Sep. Established branch office in Chicago, U.S.A.
Nov. Established Hiroshima sales office.
1964 May Stock listed on Second Section of Nagoya Stock Exchange.
1967 Mar. Completed first large-type transfer machine.
1968 Mar. Opened new plant in Fujioka.
1970 Apr. Founded Fuji America Corporation.
1971 Jun. Completed first automated assembly machine.
Sep. Completed NC automatic lathe.
1977 Apr. Established Makoto Industries Co., Ltd. (currently known as Adtek Fuji).

1978 Oct. Completed first BA board assembly machine.
1979 Oct. Completed first NC lathe (FAN).
1981 Jul. Completed first CP-I chip placer.
1985 Jul. Completed industry first high-speed mounter with vision recognition (CP-II).
1986 Apr. Established Sendai sales office.
1989 Jun. Opened new plant in Okazaki.
1990 Sep. Stock listed on First Section of Nagoya Stock Exchange.

1991 Nov. Founded Fuji Machine Manufacturing (Europe) GmbH in Germany.
1992 Dec. Established Linsey System Co., Ltd.
(currently known as Edec Linsey System).
1993 Apr. Moved machine tool production to Fujioka plant.
1994 May Completed first CP-6 high-speed (0.09 sec./component) chip placer.
Jun. Established Malaysia branch office.
Oct. Bought Edec Co., Ltd. (currently known as Edec Linsey Systems).
Nov. Founded Fuji Machine America Corporation.
1995 Nov. Founded Fuji Do Brasil Maquinas Industriais Ltda.
1997 Mar. Obtained ISO9001 certification.
Established branch office in Taiwan.

1999 Dec. Completed first XP compact high-speed & multi-purpose mounter.
2000 May Obtained ISO14001 certification.
Jun. Opened a new Development Center at headquarters.
2001 Nov. Established branch office in China.
2003 Apr. Merged Linsey System with Edec.
Changed the company name to Edec Linsey System.
Jun. Completed first NXT high-speed multi-function modular placing machine.
2004 Apr. Completed first CP-8 high-speed chip placer.
2005 Apr. Completed first XP-143E, XP-243E compact mounter.
Aug. Completed first AIM Flexible Placement Platform.
Dec. Completed first GPX High Precision Screen Printer.
2007 May Completed XPF high-speed multi-purpose mounter.
Nov. Founded Fuji Machine China Co., Ltd.
2008 Apr. Completed first NXT II Scalable Placement Platform.
Oct. Completed the VTP1000, a high precision submicron vertical lathe.
2009 Dec. Created the Fuji brand.
2010 Apr. Completed the TN300, 400, a standard NC lathe.
Changed the company name from Makoto Industries to Adtek Fuji.
Oct. Completed the CSD200, 300 and 400, a front surface 2 spindle lathe.
Completed the AIMEX Fuji Flexible Placement Platform.
Nov. Completed the GEN400, a differential housing processing machine.
Completed the NXT IIc Fuji Scalable Placement Platform.
2011 Feb. Completed the NXTP, a compact screen printer.
Mar. Completed the sFAB, a multi-purpose automated fabrication machine.
2012 Jan. Established a Chinese joint venture called KUNSHAN FUJI MACHINE MFG. CO., LTD.
Nov. Completed the AIMEX IIS, an all-in-one placement platform.
2013 Apr. Completed the AIMEX II, an all-in-one placement platform.
May Completed the NXT III Fuji Scalable Placement Platform.
Jun. Fuji is listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Sep. Completed the DLFn lathe module, modular production equipment.
2014 Mar. Opened new plant in Kunshan.
Jul. Fuji's Modular Production Equipment DLFn("solphin")received the Nippon Brand Award as part of the 44th Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun Industrial Machine Design Awards.
Oct. Fuji's Scalable Placement Platform-NXT III-won the 6th Robot Awards organized by Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI).
2015 Jul. Completed the GPX-C solder printing machine.
Aug. Completed the NXT IIIc Fuji Scalable Placement Platform and the AIMEX IIIc Fuji Flexible Placement Platform.
2016 Jun. Fuji's compact modular mounter won the 2016 National Invention Award presented by the Japanese Minister of education, Culture, Sports, Science and Texhnology.
2017 Mar. Acquired Tower-Factory GmbH.

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