Hug T1

Mobility support robot - Hug T1
From bed to wheelchair, or wheelchair to toilet seat; this care center oriented support robot assists when needing to transfer to a sitting position or in situations where standing for a period of time is required, such as when getting dressed.


This robot supports mobility for care receivers at nursing homes

This is a mobility support robot for people who have difficulties in standing up by themselves.
From bed to wheelchair, or wheelchair to chair; Hug assists in transferring or standing.

A lifestyle utilizing their own their legs and body strength

The Hug helps people to stand up while sliding the upper body, so people can stand comfortably with putting their weight on the backs of their heels. This mechanism allows people to use their own strength as much as they are able to, which is something they could not be able to do with traditional lifting machines.

Can be prepared for use quickly when needed

Because slings are not used, that means that no time-consuming setup work for these is required.
This can be used anytime when needed without requiring a lot of setup time.

Reduce the caregivers for assistance from two to one

Assistance in transferring that normally required two people previously can now be done by one caregiver. This leads to increased work efficiency.

Introductory video for Hug
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