Sustainability promotion framework

The corporate value improvement committee was established in February 2018 with the goal of enhancing the corporate value of the company, aiming to make it a great place to work and to strengthen the brand. In April 2022, the name was changed to "Sustainability promotion committee" to promote management based on a sustainability perspective.

The "Sustainability promotion committee" is chaired by the President and COO, and its members include executive directors, non-executive directors, and executive officers. Subcommittees are set up at lower organization levels to discuss and decide on sustainability initiatives such as corporate branding, technological innovation, environmental awareness, social contribution, and employee engagement, and to quickly deploy these initiatives to each division and subsidiary.
Corporate auditors and external auditors attend the "Sustainability promotion committee" as observers.



Sustainability promotion committee activity
Meeting times 7
Note: This is the number of meetings held previously by the corporate value improvement committee (April 1, 2021 - March 31, 2022)
Agenda ・ Reporting the current status of contributions to SDGs
・ Discussing corporate branding strategy
・ Reporting on environmental initiatives and preparations for TCFD recommendations
・ Reporting on the results of social contribution activities and discussing future activities
・ Reporting on the use of the telework and flextime systems by employees and discussing how to make work easier and more rewarding
・ Reporting on efforts to improve employee communication skills and minimize the need for meetings
・ Discussing the status of Industrial Engineering human resource development for employees engaged in production and future development strategies
Subcommittees list

Branding subcommittee


This committee is committed to embodying the corporate message "innovative spirit", working to increase Fuji's brand exposure and make it more familiar to the public, as well as strengthening internal branding.

Open innovation subcommittee


This committee investigates a variety of markets and examines potential synergies to generate with its mission of expanding Fuji’s operations and creating new businesses, and develops talents and teams that can take actions for commercialization, of which includes collaboration and investment.

CSR promotion subcommittee


Positioning CSR activities as a company-wide initiative, this committee is working to build a corporate structure that is conscious of the environment and society.

Environmental awareness subcommittee


The committee promotes initiatives to address environmental issues and disclose the results of these initiatives in an appropriate manner, with the aim of gaining recognition from our stakeholders.

Work reform subcommittee


In order to create a workplace where people can work with motivation and demonstrate their full potential, the committee is working to provide employees with friendly and flexible working conditions and framework, and to reform our work-styles so that we can increase the value of time to improve productivity.

Health and wellbeing promotion subcommittee


With the Fuji Health and Productivity Declaration as our base for promoting healthcare, this committee is promoting activities that lead to maintaining and enhancing employees' health.

Sports and activities subcommittee


This committee aims to promote communication among employees through club activities and events. Regardless of job classification or department, this committee promotes people with the same interests to gather naturally, share meaningful time, and make club activities a part of their enjoyment.

Paperless promotion subcommittee


By promoting paperless operations and reducing the need for physical stamps for approval, this committee is improving the speed of information sharing, increasing operational efficiency, and reducing waste.

QC circle activities subcommittee


QC circle activities are activities in which colleagues in the workplace form a team and work together to improve problems in the workplace. QC activities foster growth in all members and lead to having an open and vibrant workplace. This committee is making rules to promote further QC activities and make sure the activities of each QC group are seen.

Presentation skill betterment sub committee


This committee is working to establish Fuji's own presentation techniques and establish them within the company. The committee promotes the improvement of communication skills with the aim of mastering understandable communication.

Meeting efficiency promotion subcommittee


This committee has a mission to find and eliminate wasteful office meetings. The committee is promoting the efficiency of meetings through increasing awareness of their meeting guidelines such as making necessary meetings shorter with a reduced number of members, and introducing web-based channels.

IE professional training subcommittee


This committee is creating a structure contributive to future profit through facilitation to pervade manufacturing technology using IE (Industrial Engineering) methods within the company and activities to change the mindset of manufacturing.

Organization reform subcommittee


With a motto of "Job satisfaction, vitality, and employee and company growth.", this committee is looking at ways to reform and establish systems for the future.

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