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Policy for constructive dialogue with shareholders and investors

Fuji has established a point of contact for dialogue with shareholders, where the representative director, executive officers in charge, and other representatives are actively engaged in dialogue. Fuji strives to achieve constructive dialogue by developing IR activities that emphasize fairness, accuracy, and continuity, and serve good two-way communication regarding business strategies, divisional strategies, financial information, and other matters.

  • Explanations of the annual results and the second quarter results are provided by the representative director and executive officers in charge, while explanations of the financial results for the first quarter and the third quarter are given by executive officers in charge. In addition, Fuji communicates with shareholders and investors through various means, such as attending different types of conferences by the representative director and executive officers in charge, and engaging in IR activities for overseas investors.
  • Information disclosure is made in a timely, fair, and appropriate manner by the department responsible for overseeing the information gathering, management, and disclosure in cooperation with related departments.
  • In order to relay shareholder views in to management, Fuji ensures that important feedback matters are reported to the board when they arise.
  • In order to prevent leaking of financial results and ensure fairness, a quiet period will be arranged by Fuji to refrain from providing answers to or comments on inquiries related to financial results during this period. In addition, Fuji implements comprehensive information management in accordance with its internal information management regulations and strives to control insider information.
  • Fuji's website is maintained with the intention that information such as business overview and financial information is disclosed in a timely and easy-to-understand manner.

(Achievements in fiscal 2022)

IR activities Number of times Number of participants
IR activitiesFinancial results briefing Number of times4 Number of participants205
IR activitiesHold meetings with individual analysts and institutional investors (virtually or by phone) on as needed Number of times166 Number of participants242
IR activitiesParticipate in online conferences for institutional investors in Japan and overseas and hold talks with them Number of times2 Number of participants8
IR activitiesParticipate in IR events for individual investors Number of times1 Number of participants376
IR activitiesBusiness briefing for securities firms Number of times1 Number of participants55
Shareholder return policy

We have been striving to maintain and sustain a stable dividend payout ratio of 30%. From fiscal 2024, we will set the dividend payout ratio of 50% as a basic policy, positioning the continuous return of profits to shareholders as one of the most important management policies, while considering the capital needs for future business development. In addition, we will acquire treasury stock in a flexible manner.


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