Relationship with stakeholders

Major stakeholders Policies Main communication opportunities Frequency
Customers We are committed to our quality first policy, always providing technology and services that are a complete answer to the issues that customers face and that inspire their confidence. Daily sales activities, CS/CV activities, websites, social media Daily
Exhibitions, company showrooms, factory tours, online seminars, machine training As needed
Shareholders and investors We have in place a channel for dialogue with shareholders and investors, through which the Representative Directors, Executive Officers in charge, and other representatives proactively communicate with shareholders and investors for their better understanding of our business strategies, divisional strategies, financial information, and other matters, emphasizing fairness, accuracy, and continuity. We strive to facilitate constructive dialogue with shareholders and investors through our IR activities for meaningful communication. General shareholders meeting Once a year
Financial result briefings for analysts and institutional investors Four times a year
IR events for analysts and institutional investors, individual meetings, facility tours, website (medium-term business plan, integrated reports, financial statements, financial results briefing materials, etc.), responses to ESG evaluation surveys, participation in IR events for individual investors As needed
Employees We strive to provide employees with the tools to become self-driven, maintain and improve the health of our employees, and create an employee-friendly working environment based on the policies of developing and utilizing human resources and building a lively workplace where employees can work with vitality. We create a corporate culture in which a diverse workforce with different values and perspectives can fully show their individuality and abilities and play an active role. Supervisor evaluation surveys, stress checks Once a year
Company newsletter, intranet, health and safety committee meetings, labor-management council meetings, supervisor-subordinate meetings Periodically
Various training programs As needed
Whistle blowing and contact points Always
Suppliers We have established the basic CSR procurement policy and the Fuji supplier CSR guidelines, under which we share with our suppliers our policy and vision to continue challenging to create a new value and to contribute to the creation of a prosperous society. We are committed to fair, equitable, and environmentally friendly procurement, working throughout our supply chain to realize a sustainable society. Procurement Daily
CSR surveys, supplier annual general meetings, Business Continuity Plan surveys, Scope 3 surveys Once a year
Information distribution via Web-EDI, CSR study sessions, financial results briefings Periodically
Local community As members of the local community, we will engage in various activities with the aim of being "Fuji that is known and loved by everyone in the community". Community cleaning activities Periodically
Providing workplace training experience, participating in local events, facility tours As needed

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