CS series

Front facing twin spindle lathe CS series
This is a space-saving front facing twin spindle lathe, which can significantly increase productivity per unit space. It has high rigid slides for heavy-duty cuts and excellent thermal displacement performance.



The thermally stable and space saving design bed is equipped with high rigidity slide, zero-center type headstock, and high speed turret. The machine column with high rigidity ensures stable quality and accuracy.

High speed 3 axis gantry robot

The high speed 3 axis gantry robot reduces non-productive times during the loading / unloading cycle.

※Class 200/400 are controlled by the conventional Max SP1 controller.


New High Speed Indexing Turret with three piece coupling and hydraulic clamping system for heavy cutting without chattering.

※Class 200/400 & 300R utilize the conventional cam type indexes.

Live tool

Live tool rotates up to 4000. Note: CSD300R



This is Fuji’s original operation screen that can increase operability and maintainability.

※Class 200/400 utilize the conventional FUJI CANVAS. 

Tool Load Monitoring & Broken Tool Detection Function (Option)


This system monitors the spindle motor load and amperage to detect abnormal tool loads during cutting.

Two types of Tool Load Monitoring & Broken Tool Detection Function are available: "ILM Light", For High Accuracy Tool Load & Breakage Detection Monitoring and "SLM", For Simple Tool Load & Breakage Detection Monitoring.


This is a front facing twin spindle lathe. There are three machine sizes available.

This is a front facing single spindle lathe, which can be arranged with CSD machines to make a three-process line.

CSD200 & CSD300II are also available with dual gantry, which is suitable for workpieces with short machining time.

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