CS series

Front facing twin spindle lathe CS series
This is a space-saving front facing twin spindle lathe, which can significantly increase productivity per unit space. It has high rigid slides for heavy-duty cuts and excellent thermal displacement performance.



The thermally stable and space saving design bed is equipped with high rigidity slide, zero-center type headstock, and high speed turret. The machine column with high rigidity ensures stable quality and accuracy.

High speed 3 axis gantry robot

The high speed 3 axis gantry robot reduces non-productive times during the loading / unloading cycle.

※Class 200/400 are controlled by the conventional Max SP1 controller.


New High Speed Indexing Turret with three piece coupling and hydraulic clamping system for heavy cutting without chattering.

※Class 200/400 & 300IIR utilize the conventional cam type indexes.

Live tool

Live tool rotates up to 4000. Note: CSD300IIR

New operation panel ”Feons”


FUJI original operation screen with improved operability and maintainability.

Intuitive operation is possible by integrating the lamp and button.

Global support by switching between multiple languages.

Equipped with iHMI as standard. Interactive-style programming supports high-mix low-volume production.

※Class 200/400 utilize the conventional FUJI CANVAS. 

Tool Load Monitoring & Broken Tool Detection Function (Option)


This system monitors the spindle motor load and amperage to detect abnormal tool loads during cutting.

Two types of Tool Load Monitoring & Broken Tool Detection Function are available: "ILM Light", For High Accuracy Tool Load & Breakage Detection Monitoring and "SLM", For Simple Tool Load & Breakage Detection Monitoring.


This is a front facing twin spindle lathe. There are three machine sizes available.

This is a front facing single spindle lathe, which can be arranged with CSD machines to make a three-process line.

CSD200 & CSD300II are also available with dual gantry, which is suitable for workpieces with short machining time.

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