Electronics 3D Printer

FPM-Trinity System

About electronic module prototyping service.
FPM-Trinity provides below.
☞ Electrical module which suites for your requirement of unique size and shape.
☞ Short PoC cycles by rapid prototyping.
☞ Custom one-of-a-kind module.

What is FPM-Trinity?
FPM-Trinity is a unique 3D printer which is under development.
It is consisted of 3 functions .
1.Resin printing
2.Circuit printing
3.Part placement

Contact us if you want to learn more about service and machine.

Electronic module prototyping services

FPM-Trinity can be used to create electronic modules that suit your requirements.
All we need are circuit diagrams and a bill of materials (BOM) to create a module with mounted parts.
If it is difficult to procure certain materials, we will consult with you accordingly.

Service flow for electronic module prototyping

From the provided materials, we design the module, print circuit and body, and place parts.
There is no cost up to the designing of the electronic module. Orders go through only after customers are satisfied with the provided design and quotation.


◆Service flow

It takes about 4 weeks from board design to delivery.

Customer’s use cases

◆Rapid prototyping and rapid PoC

◆High-mix low-volume products: Make custom one-of-a-kind products

◆Unique shapes: Implement free forms

Guidelines for design rules
  Item Specifications (as of April 2020)
Material Resin UV curable (orange clear type)
Circuits Silver nano particle ink
Component connections, electrodes Silver conductive paste
Component securing Epoxy adhesive (black color)
Resin formation Max resin build size 60 x 60 x 4 mm
Circuit formation Trace width Minimum: 140 um, Maximum: 1,000 um
Maximum layer count 5
Layer interconnections Blind vias (non-stacking)
Minimum via pitch 380 um
Part placement Placement method SMD
Chip size 1005 (0402") to 2316 (1206") mm
Package parts size
Maximum size: 7 mm
Maximum thickness: 1 mm
Minimum electrode pitch 0.5 mm
Electrode surface finish Sn, Au
Application for the service

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