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What is FPM-Trinity?

  FPM-Trinity, currently under development, is the world's first machine capable of manufacturing electronic devices by combining three functions: Resin 3D formation, electric circuit printing, and electric parts placement.
By inputting design data and materials, the system can fully automate the production of panels with mounted electronic parts.


◆Manufacturing with overwhelming speed

FPM-Trinity utilizes the full additive process, eliminating the need to prepare masks and jigs for manufacturing.
Electronic devices can be manufactured in a single day, accelerating prototyping.


◆Realizes a variety of designs

The manufacturing process in conjunction with 3D data reproduces devices in ideal shapes that could not be made using ordinary electronic panels.。


◆Contributing to a sustainable society

It is a green process that reduces liquid and material waste by more than 95% compared to typical PCB panel manufacturing.




If you are interested in our prototyping services and the machine, please feel free to contact us.

We provide prototyping services for electronic modules using FPM-Trinity.
This is recommended for people who want to perform the following.

☞ Want to create electronic modules suitable for the application and installation space
☞ Want to accelerate the development cycle with short turnaround times and low-cost prototyping
☞ Want to create a one-of-a-kind custom product.

◆Case study examples

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  • Robot power board

  • Multi-layer buildup board

  • Heart rate visualization earring


Guidelines for design rules
  Item Specifications(as of June 2023)
Material Resin UV curable (orange clear type)
Circuits Silver nano particle ink
Component connections, electrodes Silver conductive paste
Component securing Epoxy adhesive (black color)
Resin formation Max resin build size 120 x 60 x 4 mm
Circuit formation Trace width Minimum: 140 um, Maximum: 1,000 um
Maximum layer count 5
Layer interconnections Blind vias (non-stacking)
Part placement Placement method SMD
Chip size 1005 (0402") to 2316 (1206") mm
Package parts size
Maximum size: 7 mm
Maximum thickness: 1 mm
Minimum electrode pitch 0.5mm
Electrode surface finish Sn, Au


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