Mobility support robot

Fuji has also managed to apply the technology from its surface mount technology robots to products for the nursing care field. Mobility support robots provide mobility assistance such as moving from a bed to a wheelchair, or from a wheelchair to a restroom. This relieves the physical stress borne by caregivers.
Relieving the strain on care givers and care receivers
  • Reduce the physical stress

    The Hug firmly supports the body, so care receivers weighing up to 100 kg can be transferred safely and securely. This robot aids caregivers by reducing the physical stress of manual labor and prevents subsequent back injuries.

  • Natural standing motion

    Because the care receiver leans over the body holder at the front of the Hug, the center of gravity shifts to help support their weight while still using their legs to stand.

  • Takes little time to set up and is easy to operate

    Preparation is completed once the care receiver is leaning over the body holder. Sling sheets are not used, which makes it easy to perform care work such as changing clothes and pads, and for ablutions during toileting assistance. There are only two buttons with the remote controller. Anyone can operate it easily.

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