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As globalization of supply chains is intensifying competition among companies, SMT production sites are facing an urgent need for transforming the Quality, Cost and Delivery (QCD), plus the Environment (E) framework. However, in addition to high-mix production becoming normal, the chronic shortage in labor continues. Because of this, keeping OEE might become difficult with the same work methods and production methods as used previously.
At this exhibition, we will showcase a variety of the latest solutions that integrate automation and systems to solve issues faced by customers. Also, we will introduce our image of what the SMT floor will look like in the near future through next-generation SMT solutions, for which we are advancing development aimed at achieving the ultimate labor-saving configuration for the SMT floor.

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Highlights of Fuji booth

Modular concept

Additional investment can be made on the scale of single modules. You can gradually increase the production capacity to the necessary extent with minimal investment for each.
Note: Existing NXT feeders can be used.

Exchange heads in a single action

Fuji's original compact lightweight heads can be easily exchanged without using tools. This allows operators to perform maintenance and troubleshoot unexpected problems.

Automatic, easy, and reliable maintenance offline

Nozzles, feeders, and also heads are applicable for offline maintenance. Using automation units ensures reliable maintenance without requiring any skills. Linking these units with Nexim improves maintenance management.

High placement quality
Checking every part at full-speed

The installed IPS system can cater to a wide range of checks, from part pickup stance to parts remaining on nozzles, as well as upside-down checks for minimold parts. It prevents placement defects attributed to packaging, nozzles, and parts.

Intelligent parts sensor (IPS)

Optimal placement actions tailored to the part

The placement stroke follows changes in the placement height due to panel warpage and distortions, which allows the machine to control the appropriate push-in amount and moreover prevents placement deviations and excess stress on parts and panels.

Placement height adjustment

Checks placement within placement machines

Various checks are available within placement machines to verify the process result shortly after that process: Checking placement immediately following placement, and checking placed parts before placing shield parts, for example. This prevents production of defective products and reduces wasted time and parts.

MPI check function

Support for various production types
Flexible support for a wide range of parts

The newly-developed heads are capable of handling an expanded part range. They contribute to line balancing and flexible production without drops in production rates even when a different set of parts is used in the next production.

Expanded conveyable panel size

The panel size coverage is expanded so that panels up to 750 x 610 mm are supported "with single conveyors" and up to 370 x 280 mm "with double conveyors" when using dual lane production. From large panel production to highly-efficient production of producing panels in the same size, NXTR line configurations are capable of supporting a greater variety of production.

Approach to automation
Automatic feeder exchange

Because the Smart Loader performs changeover and part supply according to the schedule, the amount of work at the line side can be reduced and efficient production can be achieved.
Note: Under development

Collects waste tape automatically

Waste tape is collected automatically into one place to reduce operator work that previously needed to be performed regularly for each module.
Note: Under development


System solutions

Three points required for optimizing production
Non-stop material supply

Maximize production by preparing and supplying materials without stopping the line.

Maintain production quality

It is possible to maximize production by maintaining stable operation and high placement quality.

Reduce excess work from SMT processes

Production output can be maximized by reducing excess and waste that occurs during production such as discarded parts and defects.

Instantly alert operators, FSF Mobile Conductor

Sends error occurrences, warnings, and instructions for production lines to mobile devices.

Demonstrations using actual devices will be provided at the exhibition site.

FUJI Smart Factory members

SMT solutions that integrate systems and automation technology

Machine-to-machine communication standards for smart factories that replaces SMEMA


Major products on display

NXTR S model (Standard)

FUJI Smart Factory Platform

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NXTR A model (Automation)

FUJI Smart Factory Platform

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FUJI Smart Factory Platform

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Intelligent Screen Printer

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Fuji Flexible Placement Platform

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Multi-purpose Automated Fabrication Machines

Product page >>


Panel Assembly Robot Cell (SCARA robot)

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Integrated Production System

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sTower II

Automated parts warehouse

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Approaches to becoming carbon neutral


7th RoboDEX held concurrentlyWe are exhibiting an SW-BA line

Fuji booth: West hall 1, 52-53

In this exhibit, we will propose various solutions centering on Compact Multijoint Robot - SmartWing, with the concept of "Easier to visualize and use".
Automation solutions using SCARA robots to automate insertion processes that remain after the SMT line.
Demonstrations using actual panels and dip pallets will be provided at the exhibition site.


Exhibition booth information

Tokyo Big Sight (Tokyo International Exhibition Center)
East Exhibition Halls, East hall 1 / Fuji booth number: 1-1

We are looking forward to seeing you at the Fuji booth.

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